Saturday, December 31, 2011


i did a really long shoot a few days ago with my friends brooke. this was the first time really using my new camera, and boy was it much more enjoyable. i'm still getting used to the camera (and actually taking pictures, too) so i'm not too ashamed of this most recent batch of pictures. it is a hit on my self esteem when i see other photographers pictures though. i just have to remember that it's not a competition, and that i still have much more learning and growing to do as a photographer. so how about a look at a few of my favorites that i took.

..maybe i just like pictures of brooke with her arms up?

anyway, i hope to look back on these someday and be able to see how far i've come.

until then, i don't mind a lot of praise.

oh, btw, right now i have this gigantic lens, that is part of why these might look a little strange.
(okay, i'm just fishing for excuses, but this seems legit.)

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