Friday, October 28, 2011

uptown cheapskate

never heard of it? oh, it's just my new favorite store. lemme tell you: it will rock your socks off.

and i heard they were doing this modeling competition thing, so i dragged heidi down to the store and forced her to do it. well, she was willing, so there wasn't too much force going on. luckily.

this is how it works.

  • you go to the store and create an outfit using the clothes in the store.
  • the manager takes your picture and loads it on facebook.
  • on november something (15th?) they will select the top ten, and invite them to a photoshoot where they get a makeover and a bunch of free stuff (that i will make heidi share with me...)
  • then, they take those photos and open up the voting to the public. the top 3 win a national ad campaign for the store, as well as 40% off everything for an entire year. (which means i'll be making heidi buy all my clothes if she wins. which she will, cause so far she has the best picture. take a look for yourself.)

oh the quality of the managers phone.. ;)

on other news that could possibly be considered the same news, i love that jacket on heidi so much that i made her buy it for me for her for her birthday. speaking of i need to remember to pay her back for that. it's totes cute. too bad it looks like a grayish brown blob in the picture. oh, did i mention i styled her outfit? it's cute, no? it's decided that when heidi gets rich i'm going to be her personal shopper. sweetums. 

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