Thursday, October 20, 2011


to say i love taking personality test would be an understatement. i spend quite a good chunk of my free time finding new tests and quizzes, exploring new things about myself and others. (yes psychology was one of my favorite classes in high school.)

today i came across one that i found really interesting, one i've never seen before. after you take the test, you can see other famous people who share your same personality type.

and let me tell you that i fan-girl screamed to find that i was in the same category as j.k. rowling, john lennon, and tim burton. i know it's nerdy, but this is the biggest self-esteem boost i've had in a while.

in case your wondering, i was found to be an infp (introverted abstract exploring feelers).

take the test and see where you fit in here.

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